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Massage Will Help Your Body Heal
By Drue Davis, LMT, MMP/Owner
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     Therapeutic massage originated in 3000BCE in India. It made its way to America in the 1700's. Surgeons would hire "Rubbers" to help their patients with orthopedic issues. By the late 1800's the term Masseuse or Masseur became the popular term used to describe what we now call massage therapists.
     Through the years, as modern medicine has grown and changed, massage therapy continues to be an effective way to promote healing in the body. What a lot of people don't realize is, although we are considered "healers" we actually facilitate your body to heal itself. Touch is an extremely effective way to promote healing.
     Think about when you bump your head on something. What is the first thing you do? You rub the spot that hurts until it stops. Along those lines, massage has hundreds of benefits. The main thought is, through improving circulation you can promote healing. Blood flow brings oxygen to the muscle, and oxygen promotes healing in the muscle. There are 80 different modalities that are commonly used throughout the world. All of which have positive benefits.
     That being said, there is a modality and massage therapist for every person. If you've never experienced massage, give it a try. Feel free to try multiple massage therapists and multiple modalities. You will find one that suits you, and will help your body heal itself so you can live a pain free life.